Rapid Article Writing – The 3 Best Ways to Write More Articles Faster & Easier (Under 30 Minutes)

handwritingArticle Writing and Article Marketing become much less of a challenge when you can quickly and easily crank out good quality articles. The good news is that there are many ways to do this, and here are three of them.

3 Rapid Article Writing Strategies

Strategy One – Keep Your “Article Ideas” List – Let’s consider 2 different scenarios:

In the first scenario, you decide that you want to write an article. Then you have to think about what to write about, what topic to choose, etc. Then you can get started writing.

In the second scenario, the one in which you keep an ongoing list of article ideas, when it comes time to write your articles, you just glance over your list of ideas, grab one, and start writing.

Action to take: Keep an ongoing list of article ideas. When an idea comes up, capture it. Don’t tell yourself you will remember it later because you will not. Capture it and add it to your list.

Strategy Two – Templatize This Enterprise – Again, imagine these two different approaches:

You sit down to write your article and stare at blank computer screen. The blinking cursor begins to taunt you. You check your email in frustration.


You sit down at your computer and pull up one of your favorite article writing templates. An article idea and outline stare back at you invitingly. You simply fill in the template with your information and your article is done in a flash.

Action to take: Whether you use mine, someone else’s, or your own, leverage article templates so you can write more articles in less time. You will find that you have your favorite templates, which just further speeds up the process.

Strategy Three – Write with Your Mouth, Not with Your Hands – This idea was given to me by my good friend and colleague Alex Mandossian. The only thing I do not like about this phrase is I didn’t think of it!

Some folks find that speaking an article is easier for them than writing an article. So think of all the ways you speak your content: teleseminars and webinars, answering questions from customers, even chatting with friends and colleagues about what you do.


Action to take: Hold a teleseminar on a specific topic in your niche. Record it and have it transcribed. You can get 8 – 10 articles from a 60 minute teleseminar transcription.

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