Quick Tip: How to Save Time on Each Article

Most people do it this way: Write an article in your favorite word processing software such as MS Word. Copy and paste it into Notepad to clean out any “behind the scenes” code that will sneak through to your text. Copy and paste into the submission form at your favorite Article Directory.

Here’s how to save time with each article: Write your article directly into the submission form at Ezine Articles or other Article Directories. If you don’t finish the article, you can save it right there.

While we may be talking about saving only a few steps and a few minutes, when you are writing a lot of articles (you are writing a lot of articles, right?) this adds up and is a tremendous step and time saver.

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  • I never would have done this until I saw you doing it one day – I thought I had to write my article somewhere I could “mess up” but because of seeing you do this – I know I can do it and getting rid of unnecessary steps is always great!

  • Loretta

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    I have been doing this more and more with my articles at EZA and I’m finding it gets me to submit more than I normally would. Before when I was writing them in word or notepad I would save them “to submit tomorrow” and then end up not submitting them and in some cases not using them until months later.

  • I am glad someone finally talked about this because I have been doing it for a while but felt like I was cheating somehow. Great Idea.

  • Thanks for the advice Jeff of writing in the actual directory and saving it. Also, having “nothing” happen is the worst, I agree. Thanks for the great info as always. All the best.

  • Good tip, though I slightly disagree. I highly recommend to anyone who asks, that they write their article first in a TEXT editor. That means no MS Word or Open Office; it means something like Notepad+ or gVim.

    Both are more advanced text editors which all the fluff of Ms Word and you can directly copy and past into article editor after you saved the article on your computer. Which is another plus of writing it locally first, having a good backup never hurts.

    Just my .02 cents.

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