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So, do blogs still work? Even in the face of Facebook Fan Pagesarticle marketing, blogging, jeff herring?

Well, you are on one right now. When we switched the host domain from to we had to start over in Alexa Rankings (Alexa ranks traffic to websites – lower the number the better – Google is #1). This means we lost our great traffic rank for and had to start all over again with

In just under 5 weeks, we went from a ranking of 20 million to being in the top 100,000 blogs in the world, ranked 38,363 at the time of of this writing and improving every day.

Blogs work!

So then how do you get traffic to and promote your blog? Well, I’ve come across a useful article called “How to Promote a Blog with Article Marketing” that I though you would find useful.

The article gives you 5 main tips for promoting your blog with Article Marketing.  I really like this tip from the section on “Select a keyword rich title”

Every article you write needs to have a title that entices readers to click on your title to read the rest of the article. Think of your title as a five second sales pitch.

All the tips are useful. Where the article falls short is in not giving tips on how to use your Resource Box to drive people back to your blog. You should have an opt-in box in the upper right hand corner of your blog (or even in the header, see above) and simply link back to your blog with instructions on where to find the opt-in box.

And hey, for more tips on how to use your articles to drive highly qualified traffic anywhere you want it to go, check out this article on “Traffic Generation With Articles – How to Direct Traffic Exactly Where You Want It To Go

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