Profitable Traffic Building – The Beginner’s Guide to Endless High Quality Traffic (Start Here)

girl and guidebookTraffic building is an essential part of your online business. The ultimate goal is endless waves of high quality traffic.

And you do want endless waves of high quality traffic, right?

Weird Words

We use weird words on the internet. In offline life traffic is something we want to avoid. Thus the phrase “traffic jam.”

Online however, you want good high quality traffic in an endless stream. So to that end, I’m going to offer you in this article four laws of online traffic, and then suggest a great source of traffic for you.

4 Laws of Traffic

The Law of Chasing – Don’t chase after traffic. You don’t have to chase after traffic. And it’s my belief that you don’t want to buy any traffic (Google Ads, Facebook Ads) until you have a proven system in place that is already making a profit for you.

The Law of Finding – Find out where the traffic is already going. Find out where the traffic is already going overall (Facebook, YouTube) and find out where the traffic is already going in your specific niche (niche specific blogs, etc.)

The Law of Front – Get your content in front of where the traffic is going. This is part of why you don’t have to chase after traffic. When you already know where it’s going it’s then a simple matter of placing your content on those sites.

The Law of Redirect – Then redirect the traffic exactly where you want it to go – your profit pages. Profit pages are pages like an opt-in page for something you are giving away, sign up pages for events such as teleseminars and webinars, as well as sales pages.

This last step is very important to do as even though you may have dozens or even thousands of followers on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc., you do not own those lists. They are owned by the site on which you have that list of prospects. And they can close down your site at any moment.

So you want to redirect the traffic to your profit pages, not only so that you can reach out to them with more info and offers, you want them on a list that you own and control.

A Great Source of Traffic

So here is that promised resource for traffic. Content Directories. Yes, content directories.

These are still valid sources of high quality traffic. With every Google update (Penguin, Panda, etc.) people start to talk about how content directories are no longer useful for traffic.

It’s just not true.

What the Google changes do, simply put, is they clean out the crap so the cream can rise. And when you create content with the strategies I teach, you become part of the cream with your content.

Bonus Tip So to get the traffic coming in you’ve got to get your content out there. And the best way to get your content out there is with content creation templates.

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