Profitable Traffic Building – A Few Randomly Strategic Thoughts on Traffic Generation (Evergreen)

evergreen leavesTraffic building is one of the most important skills you can master to be successful online. And you do what to be successful online, yes?

Randomly Strategic Thoughts on Traffic Generation

So here are a few randomly strategic thoughts on building your traffic online:

  • We use strange language online, don’t we? In most cases we try to avoid traffic if we can. Here online, it’s the life blood of our business.
  • Don’t chase after traffic. Don’t pay for traffic until you have a proven system that takes prospects to customers on a reliably regular basis. Especially when there are so many great ways to get free quality traffic.
  • Find out where the traffic is already going. You can use the free online tool to see the traffic ranking of any website.
  • Get your content in front of where the traffic is already going. Don’t make this hard. Just get your content, with a link, in front of where the traffic is already going.
  • Once you get in front of where the traffic is already going, the next step is to redirect it where you want it to go – your profit pages: opt-in pages, sign up pages, and sales pages.
  • Some still say article marketing and content marketing is dead. If that’s true, then how is it that my students and I get so much high quality traffic from our content and articles?
  • Never rely on just one source of traffic, even if you think that source will never go away. You never know, and the last thing you want is to be dependent on one source of traffic that dries up.
  • Even when you are getting lots of traffic from many different sources, continue to test out new sources of traffic. This is something you should do no matter how much traffic you are getting or how successful you become.
  • Here is how I think of every article I create, including this one: well crafted articles placed in front of where the traffic is already going become “Evergreen Traffic Machines.”
  • I still get high quality traffic from articles I posted 8 years ago…
  • Don’t get me wrong – I’m not against investing in paid traffic. I just caution you to make sure you have a proven system that turns a prospect into a customer before you invest in paid traffic.
  • Your goal is to create so much traffic coming in that you could not stop it if you wanted to, and I assure you, you won’t want to stop the traffic

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