Profitable Niche Strategies – 3 Big Niche Mistakes and What to Do Instead (Inch Wide – Mile Deep)

Choosing and sticking with a profitable niche is one of the most important steps for consistent online success.

And your goal of consistent online success is why you’re reading this article, right?

At the same time there are a few big mistakes that get in the way. Here’s three of the biggest mistakes and what to do instead:

Niche Mistake #1 – Choosing a Niche Based Only on Passion – One of the biggest myths online is all you have to do is find something you are passionate about, do it online, and the money will begin to roll in.

What to Do Instead: You must combine what you are passionate about with something that your prospects desperately need or want to learn how to do.

Niche Mistake #2 – Failure to Stick with Your Niche – Most new online entrepreneurs do not stay with any niche long enough to make a difference.

They choose a niche and do a few things with it, and then when the money does not roll in right away they quit and go on to another niche.

And they try that niche for a little while and when the money does not roll in right away they again move on to yet another niche.

And so on…

What to Do Instead: Pick a horse and ride that horse until you begin to profit. Most online entrepreneurs fail simply because they give up before they get to the gold. Sometimes mere inches from the gold.

Niche Mistake #3 – Going It Alone – This is such a common mistake. For example, a budding online entrepreneur might attend a webinar or read an article like this one and then decides to go out and figure it all out alone.

And eventually you might; after spending way more money and way, way more time than you needed to be successful.

What to Do Instead – Get a coach, mentor with an experienced person, just don’t go it alone.

I’ve been online full time for many years and have a high six figure business. And I will always do these two important success steps:

1) I’ll always have a coach, and

2) I’ll always be a part of a mastermind.


Here’s the main reason: no matter how successful you become, it’s so easy to get so close to your business that you no longer see obvious and important things. You’re just too close.

Because of this I always what to have someone else’s eyes on my online business.

Bonus Tip – The best way to guarantee success in your niche is to go an inch wise and a mile deep.

Check out this brief under 5 minute video all about how to go an inch wide and a mile deep into your niche when you visit


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