Profitable List Building – The Huge Profits With Small Lists Mindset (This Is for You)

Profitable List Building is at the core of a successful long term online business. It’s not a one time event, it’s a career long process.

And your commitment to online business success is why you’re reading this article, right?

One of the biggest myths about online success is you must have a ginormously (actual word) huge list in order to be successful.

The reality is quite different.

Small List – Huge Profits

I speak at many internet marketing conferences. I go to many internet marketing conferences because I always want to get any edge possible to get better and better.

Having said that, I can tell you this:

I would never win any “list size contest” at an internet marketing conference. However, I almost always win the “list responsiveness contest.”


The answer is because I’ve mastered the “Small List – Huge Profits” Mindset.

Let’s take a closer look at this mindset and how you can view this the right way so you can do this the right way.

The Small List – Huge Profit Mindset

What it is NOT:

I hear this excuse all the time:

“I can’t…

Make money

Move forward

Do webinars

Be successful


… because my list is too small.”

And it is an excuse. An excuse for staying stuck and not being successful.

So before you read on, it’s decision time. Will you stay with your excuses or are you ready to leave them behind and adopt a winning mindset?

What it IS:

So if you are reading this part you’ve chosen to adopt a more winning mindset. Good on you!

Here’s the mindset, simply stated:

Start where you are! If you have no list, start there. If you have a list of ten, start there and double it. Have a thousand people? Start there!

Are you getting this? Start right where you are, now!

I had my first 20K month with a list of less than 1,000 people. I will never win a list size competition but I almost always win the list responsiveness competition.

Why? Because my community is well-taken care of, which is another part of the winning list building mindset.

And here’s another piece of reality for you:

When you take great care of your list community, your list community will take great care of you.

So don’t wait until you get everything in place. Start where you are with your list building!

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