Profitable List Building – 3 Big Prospect and Profit Sucking Mistakes With Your List Buiding (You?)

Profitable List Building is not just a one time event. It’s an ongoing career long process if you want to have long-term success online.

And long term success is why you’re reading this article, right?

The Challenge

The challenge for many online entrepreneurs is there are just so many list building mistakes just waiting to be made.

Here’s 3 of the biggest prospect and profit sucking mistakes, and what to do instead.

3 Big List Building Mistakes

Mistake #1: The Money Is In The List

I hear this all the time and it’s simply not true! And I know I’m speaking heresy.

But I’m going at this from a different angle.

The truth is that your profit and your influence is found in your relationship with your list.

Now some people will tell you just the opposite – that they are in a niche to suck as much money out of it as possible and then move on. I do it differently. I’m in it for the long haul. You have to think long term and you want customers for life.

Most people want to get a customer so they can get a sale. I want to get a sale so I can get a customer for life. That’s my deal.

Mistake #2: List

You don’t just want a list.

You want a list community. It’s a mindset thing. I know lots of people who think of their list as a group of emails to sell something to every day. In fact, I’ve heard people say, “Who cares if it works or if they like it.”

The right way to look at this is to have a list community. We are called to shepherd our community by leading and protecting.

Mistake #3: I Can Figure This All Out On My Own

Good luck with that! You can do it by yourself but only with a whole lot of weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Instead, always, always, get every edge you can from trainings, coaches and mentors. Why reinvent the wheel?

I am still taking classes and learning every day. Never stop learning. And never stop list building.

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