Profitable Grassroots Marketing – The 4 Deadliest Mistakes in Local-Level Marketing (Is This You?)

Grassroots marketing, Mistakes, Success“Most local marketing programs fail, not because of a lack of good ideas, but because of poor follow-through and support.” ~ Jeff Slutsky

Grassroots marketing for local businesses requires an actual plan of attack for developing and implementing a fully integrated, local-level marketing program that is designed to work within your organization. Most local-level marketers rely on the strategy of making it up as they go along.

And their low profits match this strategy.

There are 4 profit-sucking mistakes that most marketers make with grassroots marketing. As I have said many times, you don’t want to approach this, or anything else, like most people, because most people are broke.

So let’s take a closer look at these 4 mistakes and what to do instead.

4 Common Grassroots Marketing Mistakes

Mistake #1 – Not allowing enough time to fully develop the program – The all important developmental phase allows you to provide the rest of your stores a program that is much easier to implement and is more likely to succeed sooner. When you cut the development phase too early you short-circuit that effort.

What to do instead: When you take the time to do the heavy lifting on the front end it will benefit you forever.

Mistake #2 – Expecting franchises to implement without training and support – Sounds silly, but many local marketers do this. Again, don’t be most people. Many times a local marketing program begins and ends with a manual and/or a seminar.

What to do instead: While these are tools that help kick off such a program, it’s the follow up process that makes it successful.

Mistake #3 – Not enough support from above – All levels of management must support a successful local marketing program just as if you were introducing a new product, equipment, or procedure.

What to do instead: Even the highest levels of management can help by letting the rank and file know how much the program can mean to the company’s overall success.

Mistake #4 – Not allowing the one-to-one marketing element to happen – Some organizations are concerned that allowing franchisees or store franchisees to do some marketing will interfere with their operations. They therefore want to bring in an army of local marketing people to do it for them. This is too costly and ineffective.

What to do instead: The store franchisees are in a unique position to have their finger on the pulse of the community. This is the first step in dominating the local neighborhood.

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