Profitable Facebook Engagement – 3 Social Sucking Mistakes Most Marketers Make on Facebook (Do You?)

cracked facebook_thumbFacebook is a great way to engage with prospects and current customers. And you do want to engage with your prospects and customers, don’t you?

The challenge is most entrepreneurs fail to engage properly when they make the following three crucial Facebook engagement mistakes.

3 Facebook Engagement Mistakes

Facebook Engagement Mistake #1 – Trying to sell right away and/or all the time – This is a great way to turn people off. It’s like walking into a party and trying to sell someone insurance as soon as you say hello. It’s like asking someone to marry you when you first meet.

Both of those sound crazy, right? Well then, don’t do the same thing on Facebook, OK?

What to do instead: Make connections. Help people. Engage. Use Facebook for more connection and traffic than selling. Become a presence and a contributor that your followers seek out and look forward to hearing from daily.

Facebook Engagement Mistake #2 – Irregular posting – When you don’t show up for a few day, people forget about you and stop engaging with you. Facebook is a very fluid platform. If you don’t show up for over a week, you are setting yourself up for failure.|

Consider how it feels to you when you go to a Facebook profile or business page and see the last update was 3 months ago. Exactly. Don’t be that person.

What to do instead: Post regularly. Even just a quote can work. Have a VA do it. Schedule it in advance. Update with your articles, stories, observations, etc. Once a day is a good goal.

Facebook Engagement Mistake #3 – Failure to respond to comments – So you spend time and energy posting interesting stuff, and then someone or even lots of someones make comments. Then you don’t respond, or respond days after. You’ve just wasted your time and taught your followers to not connect with you.

What to do instead: Respond to those who comment on your posts. Engage with them. Ask them questions. Make them eager to connect and engage with you again and again.

Bonus Tip – A great resource for mastering Facebook can be found by watching this video at

It’s the best resource I’ve found for profiting with Facebook.

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