Profitable Content Marketing – What Are Your Prospects Really Attracted To? (It’s Not Your Content!)

share your voice_thumbContent marketing is a great way to pull in more consistent prospects and profits. And you do want more consistent prospects and profits, right?

Prospects are attracted to your voice.

And by your voice I do not mean the sound of your voice, as if you were actually speaking to them, in person or on a teleseminar or webinar.

What I do mean by your voice is the way you approach problems and the way you solve problems.

Prospects are attracted to the way you approach problems and solve problems.

This is really cool because what this means is that no one else can deliver your message like you.

Which means…

There are more people out there waiting to hear your message, who can only hear it from you, than you can ever get to in your lifetime.

So let’s unpack what this really means. shall we?

The way you approach problems

The way you approach problems tells a prospect much about what it will be like to work with you. Do you approach problems as something mean and nasty, like something you would want to avoid?

Or do you approach problems with the attitude of “here is just another challenge, and we’ll figure it out.”

Pair that attitude with the position of “I’ve been here before, and we’ll solve this together” and you’ve got a tractor beam that will pull in new prospects.

The way you solve problems

The way you solve problems says even more to your prospect about what it will be like to work with you than even how you approach problems. Your creative solutions to your prospects most perplexing problems lets them know they have found exactly the right person with whom to work. This makes you the clear go-to number one choice person.

Show just a little bit of these two powerful pieces and your will pull in tons prospects and profits with your content.

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