Profitable Content Marketing – The Power of Daily Revenue Generating Rituals with Content (Do This)

Profitable Content Marketing provides you with 5 big benefits online: Content Creation, Online Visibility, Traffic Generation, List Building and Product Creation.

These 5 benefits are the pillars you need to create a profitable online business in your niche. And this works in any niche.

And that’s why your checking out this content, right?

First thing each day

As I talk with my students and other online entrepreneurs I’ve discovered something interesting that will benefit you.

The first thing most people do each day is check their email.

So what’s the big deal with that, you wonder?

The big deal is that when you check your email as the first thing you do in your business each day, then you are starting your day based on the agenda of other people.

Email always contain the agenda of other people. When you are checking your email first thing you are letting other people run your day.

Why would you want to do that? Your agenda needs to be creating revenue. First thing each day.

“So what do I do instead?”

That’s a great question. Thanks for asking it.

Some of you will feel very uncomfortable with this answer at first. I know you feel compelled to check that email first thing each day.

It’s simply a habit you have formed, habits are made to be broken.

Relax, because the reality is your email will be there when you get to it later. It’s not going anywhere, and you have more important things to do first.

One of the main Daily Revenue Generating Rituals I use and recommend to all my students is to create some content first thing each day.

This can be content in the form of an article like the one you are reading now. It can be as small as a 140 character tweet. It can be as big as a chapter in your next Kindle book.

Sometimes for me it’s a Social Media post, part of a module in a training course, a few slides in a power point for a webinar or talk, or a video for YouTube.

Then you send this content out into the world to increase your online visibility and traffic, grow your list community and create your resources and services.

Here’s my challenge to you

Here’s a little challenge for you, if you decide to accept it.

Create content first thing each day. Remember now, your email is someone else’s agenda and it will keep.

Run your own day by your own agenda by creating revenue generating content each day. I think you’re going to like the results you get from your content.

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