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Profitable Content Marketing – My Simple 3 Step Formula for Prospect Pulling Content Titles (Strong)

Content Marketing is a great way to build a strong presence online, drive traffic and build your list community. It’s also one of the easiest and most repeatable ways to build your online business.

And you do want to build a strong presence online, drive traffic and build your list community for your online business, right?

It all starts with titles

Your content starts with titles. If your title captures the attention of your prospect, you have a great chance of turning a prospect into a customer. If your title does not capture the attention of your prospect, then you have little chance of getting a busy entrepreneur to stop what they are doing and consume your content. Prospect lost.

Since I see so many entrepreneurs struggle with the title of their content, in this article I’m going to offer you my simple 3 step formula for attention grabbing titles. You no longer have to risk losing potential prospects and profits with poor titles.

Simple 3 Step Formula

Ready for the simple 3 step repeatable formula? OK, then…

Here’s the formula: Keywords – Benefits – KeywordsLet’s use the title of this article as an example of how to unpack this simple 3 step title formula.

“Profitable Content Marketing – My Simple 3 Step Formula for Prospect Pulling Content Titles (Strong)”

Keywords – You want to “front load” your title with keywords.

“What the heck does that mean, Jeff?” OK, I’ll say that a little bit differently.

In other words, you want to have keywords in the first four words of your title. This is because when someone searches for your keywords online, Google sends out their pesky little search spiders to crawl billions of web pages, if the spiders do not find keywords in the first four words of your title, you content will not be delivered to prospects searching for your information.

And that is not the outcome you want for your content.

Never waste the first four words of your title. In our example, “Profitable Content Marketing” gives you strong keywords in the first four words.

Benefits - You must give your prospect a good strong reason for stopping what they are doing to read your content. This is done by listing the clear and powerful benefits in your title.

From our example – “My Simple 3 Step Formula for Prospect Pulling Content Titles” – gives the prospect lots of benefits. You’ll get 3 simple steps, and a formula, for prospect pulling titles.

Any one interested in this subject is going to feel compelled to read this content.

Keywords – You’ll get more views of your content when you can include keywords again toward the end of your title.

Again using our example – “Prospect Pulling Content Titles (Strong)” – contains the keywords “Content Titles.” These are strong keywords that will help the search engines find you.

One of the things I want you to notice about the title of this article is that while it does clearly follow my “Keywords-Benefits-Keywords” Formula, it’s very readable and easy on the eye of your prospect.

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