Profitable Content Marketing – How to Use the 3 Mistakes Content Template for More Profits (Easy!)

Content marketing and Article Marketing, to drive the most high quality traffic, means you need to create a high volume of article content.

And you do want the most high quality traffic possible, right?

The best way to create a high volume of article content for the most high quality traffic is with content creation templates.

And in just a moment, I’m going to connect you with a very powerful template that you can use over and over again. But first I’m going to walk your through the power of the 3 mistakes content creation template.

The Secret Psychology of the 3 Mistakes Template

The 3 mistakes template is irresistible because it plays on human nature. Just like it human nature to find it difficult to drive by a traffic accident without looking, it’s almost impossible to read an article title that contains “Are You Making Any of These 3 Deadly Mistakes on Your (TOPIC YOU ARE INTERESTED IN).”

Your prospect is simply compelled to drop what they are doing and consume the article. This is a good thing for you.

Your prospects will tend to have one of two reactions. Either they will think “I know I’m not making any mistakes and I’ll read the article to prove it” or they think “Oh no! Maybe I’m making one of those mistakes. I better read this article to find out.”

Either way, you got ’em consuming your content!

Name the mistake – explain the mistake

For each of the 3 mistakes, simply name the mistake as your first step. Ex: “Traffic Mistake #1 – Chasing after traffic online.” Then add a few lines explaining the mistake: how people fall prey to it, what it looks like, etc. You can list this out in bullet form if your like. Do this for each of the mistakes.

Set yourself apart

Now, in all honesty, just about anyone can name the most typical mistakes made in a niche. What will set you apart from your competition is in offering what to do instead.

So after naming and explaining the mistake, simply let your prospect know what to do instead. When you do this, you set yourself apart from all the rest and create a situation where your prospect is much more likely to take the next step your want them to take.


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