Profitable Content Marketing – How to Drive Endless Free Traffic With Your Content (Evergreen)

evergreen_thumbContent Marketing is a great way to drive free traffic to your profit pages, such as your blog, sales pages and optin pages.

And you do want more free traffic, don’t you?

Endless Free Traffic

Now here are just a few ways to leverage your content into endless free traffic.

Facebook – Currently ranked #2 in terms of amount of traffic. You want to have your content, your content title, quotes from your content, etc. on Facebook. Then include a link in the update that sends people back to your blog to read the rest of your content and opt-in for something more.

YouTube – Currently ranked #3 for the amount of traffic it receives. Video is a great way to drive tons of free traffic. Even if you believe you have a “face made for radio” you can still cash in here. Simply use screen capture videos instead of a talking head video.

You can take just one point from your article content and turn it into a traffic generating video. As will all these resources, always remember to include a link to the rest of the content and/or an opt-in page.

Linked In – Not just for corporate types anymore! This highly ranked social media site brings in the traffic. While you don’t share an entire article here, you can still share titles, quotes, sub-heads, etc. and send the traffic exactly where you want it to go.

Pinterest – How can you promote your content and boost traffic with Pinterest? How about an info-graphic with the title of your content that drives traffic to the rest of your content and/or to an opt in page?

EzineArticles – The top ranked Article Directory online, prospects flock to this site to the tune of 1 million unique visitors a day. You want your content in front of that many eyes, don’t you? Include a call to action similar to the one you will find in this article, and you won’t be able to stop the traffic coming in if you wanted to, and trust me, you will not want to…

So what could happen if you chose one of these channels to drive traffic with you content? Simple – you’d get more traffic.

And what could happen if you chose all of these channels to drive traffic with your content? Simple again – you’d get a flood of traffic.

What to Do Next to Drive Endless Waves of Traffic

To drive endless wave of traffic with your content, you need to create content. (thank you Capt. Obvious)

And you can get started right away creating your content without staring at a blank screen when you visit

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