Profitable Content Marketing – How to Cash In On Your Content (3 Repeatable Steps)

Content marketing is a powerful way to cash in on your content. Did you know there are 3 powerful and repeatable steps for cashing in on your content?

My simple 3 step system has sometimes been called too simple. Well, I guess I could make it more complicated for you.

But why?


Some people with tell you that content is king. Others will tell you that content is dead.

The others are wrong. The internet runs on content, and it always will. Yet, for as long as I’ve been making a great living full time online, just about every month I hear someone claim that content is dead.

I’ve grown to like it when people claim that content is dead. These claims give me an opportunity to talk about just how powerfully alive it is, and my students and I make more money.

When audio first came along, there were those who said content was dead. Nope. Audio is just spoken and heard content.

When video first came along, people said content was dead. Nope again. Video is just spoken, heard and viewed content.

And then when Social Media came along, many people were convinced that content was dead. Here’s the reality:

“Unless you’ve got thousands of people pathologically interested in what you had for lunch, you need prospect and pulling content for Social Media, even if it’s only 140 characters at a time.”


There are 3 parts to building your community online: getting found, attracting ideal prospects, and building a list community.

Getting found – The bottom line is you want to hear from your prospects “I see you everywhere!” This is a good sign.

The good news is you don’t have to be found all over the internet. The great news is you only want to be found all over your niche.

You do that by spreading your content across your niche on such platforms as your blog, EzineArticles, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and more.

Attracting ideal prospects – Here are my four rules for attracting you ideal prospects:

1) don’t chase after prospects

2) find out where your prospects are already going

3) get in front of them with your content

4) redirect them to your profit pages

You want your prospects pursuing you, not you pursuing them.

Building your list community – The key to your fortune and future is creating a community of loyal followers eager to invest in themselves with your resources and services.

Contrary to popular belief, size does not matter. Instead, it’s responsiveness that wins the day. Want you want to create is a highly responsive list community.


Turning your content into info products, resources and coaching is not as hard as most make it out to be. Here are 2 easy ways to turn your content into cash:

1) Expand and repurpose your current content, and

2) Bundle your current content.

Your goal is to cash in on your content for immediate, steady, increasing, and never ending profits with your content.

How to get started?

The best way to get started is to create some profitable content. And the best way to create profitable content is with content creation templates.

You can claim your Free Instant Access to one of my most powerful content creation templates – The 3 Mistakes Template when you visit

You’ll get the template, video instruction on how to best use it, and examples of using the template from both one of my top students and from me.

(only if you promise to get started before your head hits the pillow tonight… )

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