Profitable Content Marketing – Are You Making These 3 Profit Sucking Mistakes With Your Content?

Profitable content marketingContent Marketing is King. This is not new news. Despite all the drama around Google algorithm changes, Article Marketing is Dead, etc., it has always been and will always be King.

In a recent issue of Entrepreneur Magazine we find this quote:

“When it comes to marketing strategies, content marketing has just been crowned king, far surpassing search engine marketing, public relations and even print, television and radio advertising as the preferred marketing tool…”

If you are an online marketer, to not immediately learn how to leverage this is just foolish. At the same time, to get your fair share (or more) of the benefits and profits from your content there are 3 profit sucking mistakes you must avoid.

These are the mistakes that most people make. I’m offering you these mistakes, and more importantly, what to do instead, because I don’t want you to be like most people.

Why? Because most people are broke, that’s why.

So here are the 3 most common profit killing mistakes, along with what to do instead:

Mistake #1 – Failure to Craft a Compelling Title – Listen, your title is what pulls readers and prospects in to read your content. Think of your content title as you would a headline in a newspaper. It’s got the same job: pull in the reader.

So when you start with a boring title it causes you to communicate that the content is going to be dry and boring, and you chase away your prospects. And I’m betting that is not the result you want, right?

What to do instead: Create a compelling, I-must-stop-and-read-this-now title. It’s not all that hard to do. For example, here’s a boring title I found at random (and it was not at all difficult to find:

“Benefits of Real Acai Berry Supplements”

The content could be great, even live changing, but you would not know it from the title, would you? This title makes the subject, and the the article itself, seem boring before your prospect even sees it. Just a few tweaks makes it much more compelling:

“Vibrant Health Secrets – 3 Immediate Benefits of Real Acai Berry Supplements (This Is For You)”

That’s a “gotta-read” title instead of a “gotta-zzzzz” title.

With me so far? Then let’s read on.

Mistake #2 – Failure to Craft a Body That Flows – How’s that again? Take a look at most articles. It’s all glopped (actual word) together into one or two big hunks of text. This gives the psychological impression that this article will take a long time to read and will almost certainly be boring.

What to do instead: You can take the exact same content and craft it so that it causes the reader’s eye to flow right through your content. Use numbers and bullets. Include sub-headings like in this article. Paragraphs of no more than 3 sentences. Perhaps a quote or two in italics.

Mistake #3 – Failure to Create a Compelling “I-Must-Have-That-NOW!” Call to Action – Your Call to Action is when you invite your prospect to take their next success with you. Most people have a Call to Action that goes something like this:

“Sign up here for my newsletter” – Which results in most if not all prospects thinking “Wow, I can’t wait! That’s just what I got up this morning thing about – how I need another email in my inbox and another boring newsletter to read! Where do I sign?”

(I am not making this up).

What to do instead: Create a compelling Call to Action that gets prospects to take action right away. For example:

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