Profitable Content Creation Templates – The 3 Mistakes Content Creation Template (Get Noticed Quick)

number 3_thumbProfitable content creation is one of the best ways to build a powerful online business. And one of the best ways to creation profitable content is with powerful content creation templates.

One of my favorite and most powerful templates is the 3 mistakes content creation template. Let’s take a closer step by step look.

The 3 Mistakes Content Creation Template

You can get started by thinking about a particular topic in your niche. The identify the 3 most common mistakes people make around that topic. If you come up with more than three good for you – just save them for another time – pick 3 to get started now.

Your next step is to name the first mistake. If you’re talking about training puppies, you’d call it Puppy Training Mistake #1 – and then name the mistake.

Next you have a few sentences or bullets about what this mistake looks like, how easy it is to fall into and how common it is.

Now naming 3 big mistakes in your niche does show that you are an expert in your field. On the other hand, any one can come up with a few mistakes. To really set yourself apart, your next step is to talk about what to do instead. Give a small tip that your prospect can use right away.

Using our Puppy Training example, you first mistake could look like this:

Puppy Training Mistake #1 – Expecting your puppy to act like a full grown dog. Puppies are puppies. They are not going to act like a full grown dog, no matter how much we may want them to do so.

What to do instead – Meet them where they are and actively train them. Puppies want the security of boundaries, and really love to do well for you.”

Now you just do the same thing two more times with Mistake #2 and Mistake #3. Remember to include the “what to do instead” for each of these tow mistakes.

What about the farm?

If you’re worried that giving away 3 immediately useable tips in a small piece of content like this, you can stop worrying. You just really can’t give away the farm or store in a short article, blog post or video.

When you go an inch wide and a mile deep into your niche as I teach, you’ll have plenty of good stuff to give away because you know there is so much more gold to come with your expert content.

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