Profitable Content Creation – Profitable Random Thoughts and Tips About Creating Content (Use ‘Em)

business success scrabble tilesContent Creation is a great skill to learn if you want to get your message online and profit from it. And you do want to get your message online and profit from it, right?

A Few Profitable Random Thoughts on Content Creation

    • Some of you have already begun thinking “I don’t know about this. Doesn’t it take a long time to create good content?” The reality is that once you get just a little practice at it, you can create powerful content in 20 minutes or less. Really.
    • “But what about writer’s block Jeff?” Good news: there’s no such thing. Consider this – have you ever had “talking block?” Have you ever had “eating block?” Exactly.
    • If you’ve been told you can’t write, either by someone else or even yourself, I invite you to reconsider. I was told by professors on my dissertation committee that I couldn’t write, I believed them, and I never finished my dissertation and my PhD in Marriage & Family Therapy. And now look what I do for a living!
    • Whether or not you can write or not depends in part upon what the subject matter is and the context as well. I probably still couldn’t write academically if you held a gun to my head. But I can write all day about areas I care about and write like I talk, which is what attracts prospects and customers.
    • In fact, a few years ago one of those professors signed up online for one of my Content Creation Webinars. That was a happy day.
    • In reality most of you do not need to write anyway. You simply need to unleash all the powerful expertise that is stuck in you head. I’m gonna show you a way to do just that at the end of this article, but first I’m gonna give you some more power tips on content creation.
    • Creating content online, when done right, can get you some really cool things like increased visibility online, more highly qualified traffic, build a responsive list, and repurposing your content into info products, training and other resources.
    • Here are a couple of things you can do if you want to get really good at this: 1) When I first started out I wrote at least one article a day and put it online, and 2) Now I create some kind of content everyday, from creating a 140 character or less tweet all the way to creating content for online courses and mentorship programs.
    • Here are 2 ways to never run out of ideas for your content: 1) Pay attention. Once you get to the place where you are creating content on a fairly regular basis, you will begin to notice ideas everywhere, and 2) create an idea capturing system. Do not fool yourself into thinking that you’ll remember the idea later on when you are ready to create your content. You are much more likely to forget than to remember. The best way to capture ideas now is with your smart phone. If you don’t have one just carry a small pad and pen.
    • In the days before smart phones, I once had a great idea for an article, and had absolutely no way to capture it. Couldn’t even write it on my hand. So I called my own voice mail and left myself a message with the idea. Which is kinda of a weird feeling later when you’ve forgotten you left yourself a message, check your voice mail, and hear a message from your self.

Which one of these ideas and random strategies will you use first in your content creation?

Final Bonus Tip – The best way to create content on a regular basis is to use Content Creation Templates.

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