Profitable Content Creation – How to Get Your Content Ready for the New Year (Make This Your Year!)

dry erase boardProfitable content creation is the way to go to help you building a profitable online business. And building a profitable online business is why you’re here, right?

So here are 3 strategies you can use to get your content ready for this new year and for any year!

3 Powerful Content Creation Strategies

Content Creation Strategy #1 – Get on a Schedule – The best way to get consistent with your content creation is to get yourself on a schedule. While it’s true that “an article a day keeps recession away” you don’t have to create content every day. (Though it is a great way to get started.)

Your goal here is to get into the habit of creation content. The first thing I do every day is create some kind of revenue generating content. It might be something as big as content for a course or a webinar, or something as small as a 140 character tweet.The point is it’s a regular part of my life.

Small action to take: Get your calendar out and schedule a couple of times to create content each week over the next month. One benefit to this is that knowing that you have content creation session scheduled gets you thinking about doing it, and you begin creating in your head before you even start typing.

Content Creation Strategy #2 – More YOUs – When you create your content, you want to use more “you-based” language than “I-based” language. Your content is not about you, it’s about your prospect. Using “you-based” language gets you more prospects and profits.

Small action to take: Use this really cool tool called to give you the ratio of “you” to “I” language in your content. Using this tool indicates that this article designed for you uses “you language” 15 times more that “I language.”

Content Creation Strategy #3 – Use Templates – Tired of staring at a blank screen? Tired of watching that blinking cursor? (blinking cursor syndrome). Ready to never have writer’s block again? {which really does not exist anyway)

When you templatize your enterprise you make everything you do so much easier. What have to reinvent the same thing over and over each time, especially when you just don’t have to…

Small action to take: Pick one thing that you do over and over on a regular basis and create a template for it where you just have to fill in the blanks. Wouldn’t that be a great name for a band? “Phil ‘n’ The Blanks”

Anyway, speaking of templates, here’s one you can claim your Free Instant Access to right now when you visit

You’ll get the powerful 3 Mistakes Content Creation Template complete with the template and a video where you can “look over my shoulder” as I create profitable content using the 3 mistakes template.

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