Profitable Content Creation – Are You Ready for the New Content Economy? [The Power of Templates]

Cbook newspaper glassesontent creation is a skill you must master in order to be successful online for the long run. And you do want to be successful online for the long run, don’t you?

The New Content Economy

While the internet has always been an economy based on quality content, the Google changes over the last few years have made this even more so. Google rewards you for quality content.

Now, don’t get caught up in trying to figure out all the Google updates – the Panda Update, the Penguin Update, the Hummingbird Update – you know, lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

Here’s the bottom line, and all you really need to know:

The Google changes simply clear out the crap so the cream can rise. And when you follow my strategies for creating content you become part of the cream…

Imagine the internet without any content: no text, no audio, no video. Just what would you have?

If you answered “nothing”you are absolutely right!

And now I’ve got some really good news for you…

The Power of Templates

Some people hear the word “template” and get worried that a template will interfere with their creativity. In fact, just the opposite is the case. All the studies confirm that not only do templates not interfere with creativity, templates actually enhance creativity.


Well, for one thing, you don’t ever have to stare at a blank screen or a blank piece of paper again. Simply use the template to unleash your content as you fill in the blanks. defines a template as: anything that determines or serves as a pattern; a model.

And that why you can create so much more quality content with templates.

An Example

If you’ll notice, this article is created using a template called the “Are You Ready?” Template. It follows these 3 simple and repeatable steps:

Step 1: Name a trend that is happening and ask if your prospect is ready for it. Being able to name a trend identifies you as an expert in your field without you having to scream “I’m an expert in my field!”

Step 2: Back up your statement about how your prospect needs to be ready for these new developments. If you can tie the new trend to what has already been happening, that’s even better.

Step 3: Give your prospect an immediately useable slice of what they need to do to get ready. I call this giving your prospect a gold nugget of immediately useable information with your content.

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