Profitable Content Creation – 3 Quick Tips to Turn Your Content Into Targeted Traffic (Let It Flow)

Content Creation gets you so much good stuff: online visibility, traffic generation, list building, product creation and more. In this article I’m going to share with you a simple secret for creating all the traffic you need. But first I’m going to show you 3 powerful tips for turning your content into traffic.

Turn Your Content Into Traffic

Tip #1 – Stop Hiding Your Content – So let’s get this one out of the way first. It may seem like a silly thing to have to say, since why would anyone hide their content, right?

Well, I deal with students everyday who are waiting to get their content out there until it is perfect. To them I say “Stop that!”

Perfectionism is not noble. Perfectionism is selfish. Perfectionism prevents you from getting your gifts, that can make a difference, out to the world. Stop that.

You can’t get any traffic if your content is not out there online.

Tip #2 – Relax – You Can Create Traffic – You need traffic. I need traffic. Everyone online needs traffic. Unfortunately traffic generation has been made much to complicated for the average marketer.

The reality is it is much simpler than that, really. One of the reasons I created these 3 tips for you is so you can develop some confidence in creating traffic. Remember at the beginning of this article I told you I was going to share with you a simple secret for creating all the traffic you need?

Here it is: Create your content, get it in front of the eyes that want what you have, and point them to what they want.

Sure I could make it all much more complicated for you, but why?

Tip #3 – Get Your Content in Front of as Many Eyes as Possible – Listen, listen, listen. There are more people out there waiting to hear your message, who can only hear it from you, than you can ever get to in your lifetime. So let’s leverage your content and your message into traffic for your business.

Create your content and then get it on these platforms, just for starters: Your blog, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and EzineArticles. On some of these sites you can post your complete 400 -500 words. On some you might be able to post only the title of your content, bullets from your content, or quotes from your content.

No matter where you place your content, make sure you include a link to either the rest of your content and/or your blog (if you are interested in traffic that is).

Bonus Tip – By now I bet you have got it that you need to create content to get traffic. But did you know the easiest way to create content is with templates?

It’s true, and I have 2 of my most powerful Content Creation Templates waiting for you over at along with a brief video about content creation.

So click here to grab your Free Instant Access and get started before your head hits the pillow tonight.

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