Profitable Content Creation – 3 Quick Tips to Turn Your Content Into Info Products (Lots of ‘Em)

Content Creation sets the stage very well for you to create your information products. This is great news because creating info products is one of the many things online that have been made to look much too hard. While it does take work, it’s just not all that hard when you know what you are doing.

3 Quick Tips

Tip #1 – Give Up the Belief That You Are Not “One of Those People” – Here’s what I mean – I hear it everyday from my students and members when we work on their product creation: “But I’m not one of those gurus!”

What I think they are trying to say is that they do not believe they can crank out info products like the “gurus.”

My answer is always: “That’s great! So let’s just create info products like a person trying to help other people and make a difference.”

You have information inside of you that you can turn into information products. Period.

Tip #2 – You Have Both the Right and the Obligation to Get Your Info Products Out There – Yes, really! Consider this: If you have a message inside of you that can help other people, that can improve someone’s life, whether that’s a better relationship, more money, taking a few strokes off your golf game or catching more fish, not only to do have a right to get it out there, you have an obligation to get it out there. It’s part of why you are on the planet.

And I’ll take this a step further still. Not only do you have a right and an obligation to get your message out there, you have a right and an obligation to profit from it. You are a role model and a leader for those who want to learn from you, and it’s your responsibility to do well. Would you take financial advice from someone who drove up in a broken down old pinto?

Tip #3 – Take One Piece of Content and Expand On It – Let’s say you have written a 7 tips article. Good start. Now take each tip and expand it into an article. Now you have 7 more articles for a total of eight articles. Bundle these together, with the first 7 tips article as the introduction, and each additional article about each tip as one of seven chapters.

And now you have a 7 chapter mini-guide or a 7 chapter ebook.

Bonus Tip – So to be able to create lots of info products from your content you’ve got to be able to create lots content. And the easiest way to create lots of content is with templates!

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