Profitable Content Creation – 2 Types of Content That Gets You More Traffic and Profits (For You!)

Content Creation and article marketing are still the best ways to get free qualified traffic and turn it into profits.

But Jeff, what about this Google Panda update and the notion that article marketing is dead?

Says who!?!

Not any of my students who consistently create content, turn it into profits, and see their businesses improve in any economy. Nor those like me who do it everyday and reap the benefits.

Content marketing is alive, well, and well…thriving!

So let’s take a closer look at two particular kinds of content that will help you pull in more traffic and profits.

Creative Content – The worst thing you could possibly do is create content that is the same old same old stuff that everybody does and everybody has seen.

For example, in the weight loss niche, writing about eating better and exercising more is certainly not going to be a news flash, right? ZZZ…

But what about taking a unique mindset slant on getting rid of weight that is not needed? That’s getting creative.

Now, I can hear some of you out their whining a bit, saying that you are not creative. Well let me ask you something: Do you ever worry? Of course you do, we all do. When you worry you are being very creative, you are just using it the wrong way.

Why not use your creativity well and create some unique content?

No one else has your life experiences and unique perspective on the world. Use your creativity when creating your content.

Current Content – There’s a lot going on in the world. Everyday. So why not find events that can be tied to your niche in some way and create your content?

The key words from current events will also help you get traffic.

Plus you look timely and up to date. Imagine if Jay Leno or David Letterman came on and started telling jokes about things that had happened months ago.

But that is not what they do. They play off of current events and extract the humor from them.

In the same way you can play off of current event and extracts learning points for your niche.

For example, someone whose niche is speaker training could and should be having a field day with any political debate, discussing the communication skills, (or lack thereof) of leading candidates. The next step is to make suggestions about what to do instead.

Bottom Line?– Get started creating your current content and your creative content right away!

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