Profitable Content Conversion – 3 Big Mistakes That Choke Off the Flow of Prospects & Profits from Your Content

Profitable Content Conversion is where the money is made online. This is how you get more prospects and profits.

And you do want more prospects and profits, right?

Kill the Call to Action

I’ve grown tired of the term “call to action” or CTA.

Why? It’s over used to the point of being meaningless.

That’s why I like to talk about content conversion and conversion magnets. A conversion magnet is simply the language you use to get your prospect to take their next success steps with you.

Don’t do this well and you’ve wasted all your time in creating content.

Do this well and you create an evergreen flood of prospects and profits into your system.

3 Big Prospect & Profit Sucking Mistakes

The challenge for most folks is all the mistakes that can be made when trying to create your conversion magnets.

Here are 3 of the biggest, and more importantly, what to do instead.

Conversion Magnet Mistake #1 – Making it all about you – When it comes time to ask your prospect to take their next success steps with you, many people choose to attempt to prove their expertise at this point.

Big mistake. And besides, if you have not already proven your expertise in your content, it’s way too late now.

What To Do Instead – Make the conversion magnet all about them – Your prospect is listening to radio station WIIFM – What’s In It For Me? Your job is to keep that focus and clearly show your prospect what is in it for them.

Conversion Magnet Mistake #2 – Failure to Answer the Question “What is this?” – In order to create powerful Conversion Magnets that compel prospects to take their next steps with you, you must answer the question in their mind: “What is this?”

Most marketers assume their prospects know what something is because they themselves (the marketer) knows what it is. Big mistake.

What To Do Instead – Make it very clear for the prospect exactly what it is you are offering. See it through their eyes, not your own.

Conversion Magnet Mistake #3 – Failure to Provide the Next Step -Believe it or not, people do this all the time. I once found a pretty good video on YouTube with absolutely no way for you to further engage whoever created the video. The laughable and at the same time sad thing? The video was about List Building!

What To Do Instead – When you provide great content to your prospects they are going to want more from you. Provide it. A huge rule with my students is to always always always provide another way for your prospect to engage you, spend money with you, or both.

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