Profitable Coaching – The 3 Biggest Barriers to Charging What You Are Worth (High Ticket Coaching)

hand and moneyProfitable coaching is a challenge for many coaches, especially those who want to get paid what you’re worth.

And you do want to get paid what your worth, right?

In this article I’ll share with the you the 3 biggest barriers to getting paid what you’re worth, and more importantly., what to do instead.

The 3 Biggest Barriers

Barrier #1 – Not believing you are worth the big bucks. This is a mindset issue. If you believe you are not worth the big bucks then you are not worth the big bucks. Some people decide to play small out of fear. You may be one of those who think they don’t have a right to get their message out there. I’d like to get you past that, if you like.

What to do instead: If you have a message inside of you that can improve someone’s life, not only do you have a right to get it out there, you have an obligation to do so. Not only that, you also have a right and obligation to profit from it and profit well.

Barrier #2 – Being flat out scared to ask for the big bucks. Relax, this one is very normal, and usually involves issues around money. Instead of having to go to a money issues clinic there is a quicker way around this one.

What to do instead: Ask. Even if you are shaking with fear and about to wet your pants, ask for what you are worth. Do this with a straight face. You can even practice and role play with a friend or colleague. Some will say no. Some will say yes.

And your first yes is some of the best motivation in the world to ask for what you are worth.

Barrier #3 – Failure to understand the transformation you bring to the table. Don’t get stuck on the features of what you do. No one cares about 27 videos, 32 pdfs, and 18 modules of training.

What to do instead: Pick out a few of your most successful clients. What was the transformation they achieved? How did that impact their lives? What would it have cost them not to get the transformation? When you really get a hold of the transformation you provide, you will become not only comfortable, you’ll become excited about asking for and getting paid what you are worth for your coaching.

Bottom Line? Your coaching is worth the big bucks because of the transformation you provide.

One of the best ways to communicate the transformation you provide is with content marketing – getting small pieces of your expertise in front of as many eyes as possible.

And the best way to do that is to use content creation templates.

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