Productive and Profitable Content Creation – STOP Doing THAT and Start Doing THIS (Content Daily)

typing keyboardProfitable Content Creation is the foundation of being successful online over the long haul.

And you do want to be successful online for a long time, right?

Pay no attention to those who say the time of content creation is over. Think about it: while they are saying this, what are they doing?

Creating content!

At the same time, there are many practices online that people do just because most people do them, and you see most people doing them.

The problem with doing what most people do online is that most people are broke.

Today I’m going to show you how to be successful online by stopping one lousy habit and starting a new “Daily Revenue Generating Ritual.”

Here we go…


Do you begin each business day by checking your email? So many people do, you know.



Because when you check your email first thing in your business day you are beginning your day based on someone else’s agenda.

Email is someone else’s agenda.

Even if it’s client questions, etc. it is still someone else’s agenda.

And do you really want to begin your day based on someone else’s agenda?

Or would you rather learn how to begin your business day based on your own agenda?

Start This!

Now that you’ve stopped checking your email each morning, what are you going to do instead?

Great question!

I have a whole series of DRGRs – Daily Revenue Generating Rituals that I do each day and teach my mentee students to do as well.

One of my most powerful DRGRs is creating profitable content first thing each day. Here are some examples:

  • Social Media Update
  • Blog Post
  • Article
  • YouTube Video
  • Webinar curriculum
  • Product Creation

When you create content first thing each day you feel more productive. That’s because you are – how’s that for a good start to the day?

As my friend and colleague Scott Smith says:

“I gave up email in the morning years ago. Now my mornings are all about MY agenda… afternoons I play with those of others.”

Without exception or fail, every student who has taken me up on this tip falls in love with the benefits.

It might be a challenge at first for you to make the change – you have my promise you’ll like the results.

So commit right now – no more email first thing in the morning – from now on, first thing in the morning, create your profitable content.

Bonus Tip – The best and most powerful way to create content every day is to use content creation templates.

And guess what? I just so happen to have one for you when you visit the creatively named

You’ll get the powerful 3 Mistakes Content Creation Template and a “Look-Over-My-Shoulder” Video so that you can get started creating your content right away.

Brought to you by Jeff Herring – dedicated to helping you unleash and cash in on your content.

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