Product Creation With Articles – Every One of Your Articles Contain the Seeds for an Info Product

seed to plantWhat makes product creation such a challenge for so many online marketers, beginners and veterans alike? I think the biggest challenge is starting from scratch staring at a blank screen.

So the good news is when you write articles this problem is quickly and easily eliminated.


Well, for starters, every article has the seeds for an information product of some kind. This is done simply by taking your article content and expanding upon it. You can leverage your article content into various information products such as a mini-guide, an ebook, or a collection of articles.

Let’s unpack this idea and give you some examples.

Article into mini-guide

Take a simple 7 tips article and then write an article about each tip. You now have the 7 tips article as the introduction, and 7 more articles, one on each tip. Bundle these 7 articles together and you have a compelling mini-guide on your topic.

Article into eBook

Back again to that 7 tips article. Take each tip and expand it past article size and build it into a complete chapter on one specific tip. Add some case studies, examples, do and don’t to create a quality content chapter.

Now your original article serves as the introduction of your ebook. After having turned each article into a chapter, you know have a 7 chapter eBook to offer your prospects.

This makes creating an eBook so much easier and so much faster. No more of this working on an eBook for a year. This should take a month at most, and could be done in one super productive weekend.

Article into a collection

This is probably the easiest strategy of them all. After you have a few dozen articles around one topic you are beginning to develop a good archive of content. Why not take that content and package it into an eBook or even a traditional off-line book? You’ve got the content so you really don’t have to create any more to create an information product.

Well, you might have to create a few transitional sentences from one article to another. It sure beats having to create brand new content.

My first information product was simply a collection of articles around the topic of dealing with difficult people. I bundled up those articles into one document, wrote a few transitional sentences to connect the articles, and launched it. And it is still bringing in sales years later.

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