Profitable Product Creation – 3 Lies the Gurus Tell You About Product Creation
(What To Do Instead)

Profitable product creation is a great way to be consistently profitable in your online business. And you do want to be consistently profitable in your online business, right?

When I first came online full time in 2007, one of the first things that struck me was how hard “the experts” were making product creation. I listened to a preview call for a product creation course that said it would take at least a year to create a product.

Since I had just created one in just a few days, I thought this could be made much simpler. And one way to make product creation much simpler is to get rid of some of the lies that so-called experts tell you.

3 Big Guru Lies About Product Creation

Product Creation Lie #1 – Product creation takes a long time – As I mentioned above, I once heard some “experts” say that it takes at least a year to create a good product. What this lie does is scares a lot of people off or makes them dependent upon the guru.

The Truth About What to Do Instead – While there are some products that can take a year to create, those are the exception rather than the rule. And now I’ll prove it: create a 45 minute teleseminar or webinar. Present it – record it – sell it. I’ve got two and a half high priced degrees so I could make this a lot harder if I wanted to, but why?

Product Creation Lie #2 – There are already too many products in that niche – Designed to keep you from competing with some of the gurus. Think about this for a minute: are there too many kinds of bread, hamburgers or pizza out there? Somebody should have told “Papa John’s.”

The Truth About What to Do Instead – Research the most popular products and resources in your niche. Discover which ones are doing a good job and selling well. Now go and create something better – simply do a better job.

Product Creation Lie #3 – Create Something You Are Passionate About – I saved the worst and most dangerous lie for last. This whole thing about do what you love and the money will follow leads so many people astray.

I’ve worked with far too many people who were frustrated because the product or resource about which they were passionate about was not selling well. Many times this was because the only people passionate about the product was the misguided person who created it, and maybe their family.

The Truth About What to Do Instead – Do your due diligence research first. Don’t even start down the road of creating a product or resource until you have done these 2 things:

1) Find out exactly what your community needs help with and what they want.

2) Once you discover what your community wants, find out how they would most like it delivered. Do they want a live course, a home study course, do they want it delivered in text, audio or video, or some combination?

You’ve got to have the answers to these questions before you do any product creation.







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