Practical Video Marketing Tips – The Top 7 Reasons to Create Video Articles For More Traffic Now

retro filmIf you are not doing Video Marketing you are leaving traffic and profits on the table. Besides that great reason, do you know the top 7 reasons to create Video Articles? You’ll find the top 7 reasons and tips below:

1. Actually faster than a written article – I know that sounds crazy but it has been my experience. Once you get in the flow of this, it really can take you less time to create a Video Article than a text article. I still remember the first time that happened and I just thought it was a fluke. Now it is a consistent event.

2. Tools have never been cheaper or easier – I remember two things from when I first started: 1) the tools and training were expensive and 2) there were so many steps involved and it was easy to get stuck. Now the tools are in range and the steps are condensed down to just a few that anyone can do.

3. YouTube is the #3 ranked website in the world – It comes down to a simple question: Do you want to get traffic to your web sites and blogs by getting in front of where the traffic going? If you answered no I’m not sure why you are reading this article. If you answered yes, then you want to get your information on the #3 most trafficked website in the world.

4. Great tools for distributing your video – And you don’t stop at just YouTube. With video distribution sites such as TubeMogul (free) and TrafficGeyser (fee) you can quickly and easily get your Video Articles distributed all over the internet.

5. Your own TV station – We are at the point where anyone with a life improving message that is willing to learn the steps and put in the time can have their own “online TV station.” And you get to reach all over the world. Remember, www stands for world wide web.

6. It’s what we know – We all grew up watching video on TV. It is what we know. When your message comes in to your prospects home or office screen, just like TV, the potential for your prospect to know, like and trust you is just tremendous.

7. 50 times more likely to get indexed by Google – This is important if you want to get found on the internet. You Video Article is 50 times more likely to get indexed by Google than your text article. Am I saying you should now do only Video Articles and not write articles. Of course not. Do both. And repurpose those text articles into Video Articles.

Bonus Tip – Create your text articles with content creation templates. You can grab your Free Instant Access to one of my most powerful Content Creation Templates when you visit You’ll even get to look over my shoulder in a video as I use the 3 Mistakes Content Creation Template to create prospect & profit pulling content.

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