Practical Video Marketing Tips – 3 Powerful Strategies to Get More Traffic From Your YouTube Videos

tvYouTube is a great way to get traffic to your web sites and blogs when you leverage it correctly. After all, it’s the 3rd most trafficked site in the world. Why not redirect some of that traffic to you?

Many people get so caught up in the production of their video that they forget to maximize the traffic from their videos. While it is important to have good videos, you want to get the most traffic out of each one.

3 Powerful Traffic Strategies

1) Keywords in the Video Title – Front load your video title with keywords. This is a fancy way of saying put keywords in the first four words of your title. For instance, if this article were to become a Video Article, I would make sure that either the keywords “video marketing’ or “YouTube” were in the first four words.

This will get you more traffic to your videos as people search for your keywords and thus more traffic when you also use these next two strategies.

2) Video invites – This one seems so simple yet I see so many people not using it. In your video, make sure you extend an invitation to visit one of your sites. Here are 3 ways to do it:

a) I usually save this for the end of the video after I have delivered on the good information, and verbally invite viewers to visit where I want them to go.

b) If you are using Power Point slides you can include a link at the top of the slides and both refer to the link in the video as well as have it on each slide for the entire video.

c) Another way to do a video invite is to have your link displayed in text across the lower third of the video. Refer to it in the video and simple have it displayed to do its job.

3) Leverage your video description – On every YouTube video there is a place to describe your video. Most folks write something less than exciting such as “This video is about blah, blah, blah…”

Use the above technique only if you wish to put your viewers to sleep.

If you want to get more traffic from your videos, why not turn the video description into your Resource Box like in an article. Invite them to take the next action you want them to take and include the link so they can do it.

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