Practical Traffic Generation Tips – How to Get All the Traffic You Deserve Right Now & Forever

I know that is a pretty bold statement in the title of this article:traffic_sm

“How to Get All the Traffic You Deserve Right Now & Forever”

The good news is that I can back it up, based on my own experience and the experience of my students and members.

Traffic is a Weird Word

We use weird words on the internet. Traffic is one of them. Isn’t traffic something we usually try to avoid at all costs? I mean, it’s one of the reasons I enjoy working from home.

What Traffic Really Is

Traffic, for our purposes, is really visitors and viewers to our websites and blogs. I think this is an important distinction to make as it helps us remember that the “traffic” coming to our websites is made up of real people with live heads and live hearts.

With that said, it’s time to deliver on the bold promise of the title of this article.

Article Marketing Traffic

The absolute best free way to get traffic (visitors & viewers) is through article marketing. When you consistently craft a 300 – 500 word example of your expertise and submit ti to the article directories you are going to enjoy immediate, regular and long term traffic. Let’s take a closer look at each of these:

Immediate Traffic

The owners of web sites, blogs and newsletters are hungry for content. They come to the article directories looking for content that they can use and send out to their subscribers. Why not make it your content?

As you define yourself as an expert in your niche through your articles, you will find that you create a following that is just waiting to read and use your content, which results in immediate traffic for you.

Regular Traffic

Each time you create and submit another piece of your content to the article directories, you are stacking that piece of content upon all the others, This results in all of your content (articles) working with each other to send you regular traffic. Remember, what may be an articles that is 6 months old to you is brand new to the person finding it and reading it for the first time.

Long Term Traffic

Once you have an article on the article directories and it is picked up and used by others, it becomes evergreen on the internet. Evergreen means it is there forever, out there working for you like a little international article agent, working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, never asking for a raise, getting cranky or taking sick days.

Just like with regular traffic, when someone find your article from years ago, while it may be old to you, it is brand new to them.

For example, I have an article that I wrote in August of 2005 that still pulls in an average of 1500 new viewers (traffic) a month.

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