Practical Social Media Tips – 5 Strategies For Repurposing Your Articles on Twitter For More Traffic

twitter logoRepurposing your articles on Twitter is a great social media strategy. Here are 5 powerful strategies for you:

Strategy 1 –  EzineArticles auto tweet

You only have to set it up one time to auto tweet your articles, and every time a new article comes out it’s automatically repurposed for you onto Twitter in an auto tweet.

Once you’ve set it up, maybe 3-4 minutes’ work, it does it that way for you forever.

Strategy 2 –  Announce it yourself with your own article title

Announce it on your own. Give the article a title and the link. That announces to your whole list on Twitter and anybody that retweets for you that you’ve got a new article out. You’re automatically seen as an expert, a thought leader, and those articles have links back to your websites and blogs. It increases your traffic, builds your list, etc…

Strategy 3 – Use your article description

Remember the formula for your article description? Ask a question and then you promise the answer in the article. For me it might be, “Do you know the top three ways to make money with your articles? Find out here,” and there’s the link to my article.

Just put in part of your description. You don’t even have to write anything new. Copy and paste, folks, and include your link.

Strategy 4 –  Call in your RT squad 

What the heck is an RT Squad? RT stands for “retweeting.” One of the ways you do that is by announcing that you’re working on a new article. That builds anticipation and gets people ready to retweet your articles.

Strategy 5 –  Your resource box

Repurpose your resource box as a way to get retweets for your articles. Condense your resource box into 140 characters or less and tweet it.

Bonus Strategy:  Quote yourself

Find a bottom line quote in your articles, folks. Tweet that with a link to your article. It’s a unique way to send people to your articles, driving more traffic, increasing your list.

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