Practical Social Marketing Tips

Here are 2 Social Marketing Articles filled with tips and tools you can use right away. Here’s my suggestion:

1) Read them both.

2) Make a list of the tips you are going to implement.

3) Schedule “due dates” for each.

4) Implement the first one “before your head hits the pillow tonight.”

    Practical Social Marketing Tips – 3 Little Known Twitter Tips That Have Nothing to Do With Tweeting

    Content Creation Tips – How to Repurpose Your Content on Social Media for More Traffic & Profits

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    Jeff Herring

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    • Celie

      Reply Reply

      Found the social media article a bit brief but ok, the Twitter tips were excellent. Thank you

    • Re: your twitter article, I’ve been using my favorites for tweetimonials for quite some time. I also use a widget from to pull those favorites into my site. It scrolls through recent tweets marked favorite and displays them to my web visitors. Blog on!

    • Jeff Herring

      Reply Reply

      Celie – the sm article was aimed at beginners which obviously are not – glad you like the twitter tips and hope you use them…

      ~ Jeff

    • Jeff Herring

      Reply Reply

      Denise – what a cool piece of softward – thanks for that! Already have it in play over on the right ==>

      Blog on, indeed!

      ~ Jeff

    • Jeff Herring

      Reply Reply

      Terry – Hey buddy! Thanks for your kind words, and no matter how many followers we have, there is always something more to learn!

      ~ Jeff

    • Thank you, Jeff, for such practical and ready-to-apply information. While I may have 20K followers on twitter, I changed several things from reading your valuable tips. Keep up the good work.

      Terry Whalin
      author of Jumpstart Your Publishing Dreams

    • Thank you Jeff. I come from the opposite court as Celie. I have already implemented what you suggested for the Twitter Tips but I really appreciated the re purposing your content info. Everything you write allows me to re visit what I am already doing or helps me to gain more knowledge. With Gratitude!

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