Practical Social Marketing Tips – How to Repurpose Your Articles For Waves of Social Media Traffic

social marketing blueprint, traffic and profits, jeff herring, maritza parra

social marketing blueprint, traffic and profits, jeff herring, maritza parra

Can you get traffic from Social Marketing?

The answer is not only a resounding YES!

I would even change the question to “In how many ways can you get traffic from Social Marketing and Social Media?”

Repurposing Your Articles for Social Marketing Traffic

Their are so many ways to repurpose, reuse and repackage your articles for lots more traffic. Let’s take a closer look at how to leverage some of the Social Marketing Tools for more traffic from your articles.

Twitter – When a new article is published on one of the article directories or on your web site, announce it on Twitter. But don’t just stop there. Follow up by quoting your article with a link to read the entire piece. Ask a question and then direct them to your article for the answer. Refer to your article when answering questions asked by other users.

Facebook – You can announce new articles on both your regular Facebook page and on your Facebook Fan Pages. Use quotes from your article with links to the full piece. You can even upload your entire article as well.

Your Blog – This is a great way to keep those who are already on your list coming back for more. You can post your entire article. You can use the “read more” tag to post part of your article that leads to another page with the full article. You can create a blog series out of sections or tips within your article.

YouTube – YouTube currently gets twice the traffic of Google. Why wouldn’t you do this? Take points from your article and create Power Point slides. Using Camtasia or Cam Studio create screen captures of your slides and talk your prospect through the points.

While these are powerful strategies, we have really just skimmed the surface of how to leverage Social Marketing for more traffic.

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