Practical Social Marketing Tips – How to Become a Twitter Rock Star Just by Tweeting About Life

Twitter is one of the most powerful Social Marketing tools for creating online visibility, driving traffic and building your list.

One of the most frequent questions I get from beginners and experienced alike goes something like this: “Now that I am on Twitter, what do I tweet about?”

That’s a really good question, since Twitter is about so much more than “what you are doing right now.” Here are four categories in which you can focus your messages on Twitter. Just be sure that in each one you go by the 80/20 rule: 80% social and 20% marketing.

Bottom line? What you tweet about is LIFE. That’s right, L I F E LIFE. Here’s what I mean:

L – Links – There are at least two types of links you want to tweet. One is links to things you have found interesting such as articles, videos, blog posts, something you found interesting, something that made you laugh, etc. The second type of link to tweet is links into your web world. You can invite people to your blog, teleseminars, audios, etc. Here’s the really cool thing: you can tweet links to your opt-in pages where they can trade their email address for more great information from you. I do this at least once a day.

I – Information – If you want to be seen as a Twitter Rock Star and dominate your niche, deliver information about your experts in 140 characters or less. There is no way you can deliver everything in 140 characters or less, so don’t worry about giving away the store. Share valuable information from your niche.

For example here’s one I often do “If you can write a 7 item grocery list, you can write a 7 tips article for more prospects, publicity and profits.”

Another way to tweet information is by offering quotes. You can choose a quote that relates to your niche or just simply one about life. A great place to get quotes is over at

F – Fun – One of the quickest ways to get ignored on Twitter is to be serious and business like all the time. Have some fun. As I said above you can tweet about things that make you laugh. You can also tweet about what you are doing or have done that day for fun, silly things that have happened, etc. You’ve heard the term “edutainment” right? This is an example of what it means.

E – Events – Are you holding an event? A teleseminar, webinar, perhaps a in person seminar? Invite your Twitter followers to the event. How do I know this works? I’ve held events and only invited people from Twitter and done quite well. Invite your followers into your world and what you are doing.

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