Practical Social Marketing Tips – 7 Ways to Repurpose Your Articles on Twitter For More Traffic

helpful tips_sm_borderDo you know how to repurpose your articles on Twitter for more traffic? You will when you read and take action on this article.

Repurposing your articles on Twitter is a great way to use Social Marketing for more traffic. Here are the top 7 strategies to get this done quickly, easily, and sometimes automatically.

Strategy 1 – In your EzineArticles account, set it up so that each time you have a new article published an announcement is auto-tweeted to your Twitter stream. Once you set this up it is done automatically each time a new article is published. I like to think of this as Automatic Repurposing. It’s silly not to use it.

Strategy 2 – Launch your articles – When you sit down to write a new article, tweet about it. Let your followers know you are working on a new article and give them the working title. When you submit your new article tweet about that, and let them know it will be out soon. This builds anticipation for your article, and as people re-tweet about it, more and more people are on the lookout for your new article.

Strategy 3 – Once your article is published and auto-tweeted, come in behind it and announce that you have a new article. Many people will miss the first announcement and catch this one. People come in an out of Twitter all day. So something announced in the morning can be ancient history by dinner time.

Strategy 4 – Quote yourself – Some people have a hard time with this, and I do catch some flack for it, but that’s OK. Choose a great line of info from your article to tweet and then include the link to the article. You are giving them something helpful.

Strategy 5 – Announce often – You want to announce your article at least four times on the day it comes out. This is because Twitter is a very fluid place and people are in and out all the time.

Strategy 6 – Using one of the Twitter tools like Tweet Later or Hoot Suite you can program reminders and quotes from your article to be tweeted automatically while you are sleeping, working or just hanging out.

Strategy 7 – Make sure your Facebook account is set up so that your Tweets are displayed on your Facebook account as well. This just keeps the traffic coming from another group of interested prospects.

You have done the work to create your article, so you may as well take the time to get the most leverage possible out of each and every article.

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