Practical Product Creation Tips – How to Create Info Products Out of a 7 Item Grocery List (Really)

Product creation is one of the areas of the internet that seems to be shrouded in mystery. What I think really happens is that some teachers and trainers make it seem so hard and take so long so they can charge you big bucks to learn how.

Quick and easy product creation

The facts are that product creation can be fast and relatively simple once you know how. Think of it this way

If you can create a 7 item grocery list, you have the basic skills to create a list of 7 tips that you can turn into a product.

Here are a few steps to quickly and easily take you from zero to your first information product.

Step 1 – Identify a specific topic within your area of expertise, The more specific the better off you will be. Potential customers are drawn to specificity.

Step 2 – Create a list of five to seven tips or suggestions you would give to an ideal client around this specific topic. Don’t get caught up in how many tips you can come up with, just shoot for between 5 and 7 or so.

Step 3 – Add 35 – 50 words for each tip. This article now becomes the introduction to your info product.

Step 4 – Take each one of the tips from the introduction and write 300 – 500 words about each tip. Explain how to use each tip, use examples, etc. You should now have 8 articles all together: the first 7 tips that are your introduction, and 7 more articles each based on one of the tips.

Step 5 – Bundle them all together into one document and now have a “mini-guide” or special report that you can use as a lead generator or as your information product.

And all this came from a simple list of 7 tips.

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