Practical Product Creation Tips – How Fast Can You Create a Short Report? (Lightning Speed)

computer and mouseDo you know how to create a short report info product at lightning speed? You will when you read and take action on this article.

A report like this is simply 15 – 20 pages designed to deliver information on a specific topic in your niche. Depending on length and content, you can sell them at anywhere from $7 to $27. You do want to keep the price low so it becomes an impulse buy for your prospect.

3 powerful steps to creating a great short report

The worst thing you can do to quickly craft a short report is start from scratch and a blank screen. That’s why these three steps are so powerful:

1) Create a 7 tips article – Choose a specific topic in your niche. The more specific you can be in choosing your topic, the more attractive your short report will be to your prospect. Make a list of 7 tips or suggestions you would give to an ideal prospect about your topic. Then add 35 – 50 words for each tip, and there you have it, your 7 tips article.

2) Create an article on each tip – You already began the next article when you wrote about each tip in the first one. Just build from there. Do a heart and brain dump, everything you know and feel about that tip. Use examples, quotes and case-studies.

3) Bundle the 8 articles – You know have 8 articles. The first 7 tips article and then each of the 7 articles on each tip. So then 7 +1 = 8, at least where I went to school. The 7 tips article is your overview, and then each tip article goes deeper. Bundle them all into one document and there you have it – a short report at lightning speed.

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