Practical Content Marketing Tips – How to Write More Articles When You “Templatize Your Enterprise”

Do you know how to write more articles in less time than you ever thought possible? Read on to discover how to templatize your article writing enterprise.

Alex Mandossian has said, “Anytime you can ‘templatize your enterprise’ you will be able to accomplish more faster, easier and with less overall human effort.”

And so it is with your article writing.

Here’s your choice, folks. Stare at a blank screen or a blank piece of paper – knowing you want to get an article out – or look at a template where the sections in the categories of information are already set up and you’ve got to do is just fill in the blanks.

Which one do you want to do?

No writer’s block

This is why I don’t believe in writer’s block. I don’t believe writer’s block exists. I believe it’s something that writers created when they’re stuck. They say that they have writer’s block. Then aspiring writers get stuck and they get to say that they have writer’s block. They figure, “I must be a writer. I have writer’s block.”

But let me ask you something. Have you ever had ‘eating block’, ‘bike riding block’, ‘watching TV block’? Come on! With templates you never have to worry about writer’s block again.

One way to do this is to look back over your own inventory of articles. Look for the patterns in your articles, the structure in your articles, the method in your madness if you will. You can create your own article writing templates from the articles you have already written.

The ideas are there in front of you. Your screen or piece of paper is not blank. You’ve just got to fill in the categories. I call it ‘Plug and Play’. Plug in your information and you get to play on the internet with your articles.

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