Practical List Building Tips – OK I Have a List, Now What Do I Do With it Anyway?

question mark 2Q: Jeff I hear you and others talk all the time about the importance of building a list. So my question is once I get one what do I do with it?

A: This is a great question because so many internet marketing teachers stress the importance of a list but don’t tell you what to do with one after you have built it.

Here’s your answer:

Follow up.

That’s it, thank you and goodnight. OK, I know you want some more information and tools, but that is really the bottom line.

So here is a little more:

Take great care of your list and they will take great care of you.

That really is it in a nutshell, but let me lay it out for you a little bit more.

How to follow up with your list

1. Follow up with email

There are two ways to follow up with email. One is automated email sent through auto-responders. When someone signs up for your list they are placed in a series of automated emails that you have created.

The second way to follow up with email is to send broadcast email, which are emails that you write and send in real time.

2. Follow up with teleseminars

This a great way to follow up because you get people coming back to your website, they get to learn more from you, and this really increases the know like and trust factor as they get to know you better.

3. Follow up with resources

Yes, following up with resources is a great strategy because you need to lead your group to what they need to  do next to build their businesses and improve their life.

Remember, when you take great care of your list by following up with them, they will take great care of you.

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