List Building is part of the life blood of success on the Internet. One of the best ways to build a hyper-responsive list is to leverage the Social Marketing SignPosts that are now available.

In just a moment I’m going to give you 3 powerful list building tips with Social Marketing. But first I want to make a couple of important points about this thing called a list:

Point 1 – I call my list my list community – Why? Because in my mind my list community is not a collection of email addresses that I get to pound with offers. I think of my list community as people with live hearts and live heads that I want to build a relationship with, and serve and lead. I think this is why I have such a good relationship with my list community.

Point 2 – Social Marketing groups are a list – Your Twitter followers are a list community. Your Facebook friends and fans are a list community. Your YouTube subscribers are a list community.

Having made those two points (forgive the rant) here are those 3 strategies I promised you:

3 List Building Strategies with Social Marketing

I want you to think of your Social Marketing platforms as Social Marketing Signposts that direct prospects into your web world and into your list community. Here is how to use three of the major platforms to build your list:

Facebook – Here are 2 simple and powerful strategies to use on your Facebook Fan Page. The first is to have an opt-in box in the side bar of your Fan Page. In this way, anyone coming to your page, whether a first time visitor or a regular, has a place to join your list. The second it to have frequent updates that invite your fans to get more good information from you in exchange for their email address. I recommend you do this at least once a week.

YouTube – When it comes to list building so many marketers waste their YouTube videos. Invite your viewers back to an opt-in page with your voice on the video, with a link displayed in your video, and (so few do this) in the description of your video. This gives the viewer 3 ways to find you.

Twitter – At least once a day you should be inviting your Twitter followers to get more good info from you in exchange for their email. Make sure you are being social and offering good interaction, and you can easily include a list invite once a day.

And here’s a list building tool you can use across several Social Marketing platforms. Claim your FREE Instant Access to my List Building Instant Article Creation Template when you visit

You’ll get get a “plug-n-play” Instant Article Creation Template – just plug in your info! And you’ll get a 13 minute instructional audio on how to create a list building article.

From Jeff Herring – The Article Marketing Guy and The Great Article Marketing Network.

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