Practical List Building Tips – Discover 2 Mistakes You Must Avoid & What to Do Instead

black xSome of the biggest list building mistakes are the ones I see happen on the opt-in page. Let’s take a closer look at two of them and what to do instead.

Having vague instructions about what to do

Here are some fairly clear instructions I often use:  “Simply enter your name and email address.” What you’ve got to remember is that there are people that are coming to this page that do not know what to do.

Those of us that are internet savvy realize that you come to an opt-in page and you leave your email address and you get something in return. Remember the person that has never come here. Your job is to be their guide.

So when you have vague instructions you are not doing your job, which is to be their guide on this website. That’s another way to build up the trust. When you’ve helped them do what they need to do, when you’ve been their guide they’re going to trust you more.

Not asking them  to do what you want them to do

There’s no call to action. “What do I do here?” is what happens to people. It’s easy to say, “Well, go over there and opt-in.”

“What’s an opt-in? What are you talking about?”

You’ve got to assume that people don’t know what to do there. Mike Stewart uses an example about teaching people things like what if you were going to teach a caveman to drive a car, and all the different steps involved.

First you put the key in the door.

“What’s a key? What’s a door?”

You’ve got to come at that with this mindset and give them clear instructions on what to do. Otherwise you have a lost prospect.

You have a prospect that is lost in two ways.

1. They’re lost on the page because they don’t know what to do.

2. They’re lost to you. You’ve lost the prospect and you don’t want to have a lost prospect.

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