Practical List Building Tips – 5 Prospect Pulling Strategies to Use on Every Opt-In Page

magnetList building is at the heart of any successful online business. The challenge is list building has been made to look like a very complicated and difficult process. The good news is it does not have to be.

5 Simple Yet Powerful Strategies

Here are  five powerful prospect pulling  strategies that you want to use on every opt-in page:

1.   Keep it simple and powerful – Instead of KISS it’s KISP – Keep it simple and powerful. Keep it simple by having on your opt-in page only the information the prospect needs, keep everything else off. Keep it powerful by letting them know the good stuff they are going to get when they opt-in.

2.  Use an attention-grabbing headline or an attention-grabbing title that stakes a claim. Some of you will have to really move out of your comfort zone in order to say something like that about yourself, in order to stake that claim. But guess what, you need to do it. You need to stretch yourself, and I’m encouraging you to stretch yourself and stake that claim.

3.  Benefit bullets – List out in bullet form three to five benefits the prospect will receive when they sign up. Do not assume it is obvious – make it clear.

4.  Have the opt-in box above the fold so they can see it right away – Don’t make your prospect search for the opt-in box. Make sure it shows up on the screen when they go to your opt-in page without having to scroll down for it.

5.  Call to Action – You’ve got to ask them, tell them, show them, “Here’s what I want you to do next.”

When you’ve done these five things what I want you to do then is send every single person you can get to that page.

Send them from your articles. Send them from your newsletter. Send them from Twitter and Facebook. Send them from every possible way you can so you can build your list.

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