Practical Internet Marketing Tips – Avoid the Pitch Fest by Making Sure You Go to Workshops

wallet and cardsHere’s the advice I received just before going to my first Internet Marketing seminar:

Leave your credit cards in your room!

I thought my friends were being a little dramatic. Then I got downstairs and watched a few presentations. Some gave a little bit of content, but most were more like

Hey, look at me! I made all this money doing this and you can too if you buy my stuff!

And then I watched so many people, whipped into a buying frenzy by hope and hype, rush to the back of the room to spend thousands of dollars. And I wasn’t sure they were sure about what they were getting.

I remember thinking, “Yes, but where’s the ‘how-to’ in all this hope and hype?

So I watched a few people that were buying lots of stuff. And then I saw theme at the next seminar, and it did not seem to me like they had used what they bought the last time. Somehow, this did not stop them from buying more stuff at this seminar.

This is the kind of seminar I call a “pitch fest.” While you can do some really good networking with others, you are not going to learn a whole lot that you can implement right away

And because of the hype and hope, you really do need to hang onto your credit card!

Having been to and spoken at many Internet Marketing Seminars, I’ve chosen to forego the “pitch fests” and only speak at and attend the true workshops.


Because I’m about achieving real results and helping other people. I’m seen just too man people get all excited at a pitchfest and then become “dead atheists.” You know, all dressed up and nowhere to go…

What to look for in a workshop

  • Do the speakers stick around to help those in attendance or is it just “speak, collect and run?”
  • Is there an emphasis on “How to?” Will you be able to take away real skills by the end of the event?
  • Are there related tracks of learning or just a bunch of random topics on what is most popular right now?
  • Is it affordable without having to break your bank account on go into credit card debt?
  • What do past participants say? Did they learn actionable skills that helped them be successful? Did they meet people with whom they set up Joint Venture deals? Do people stay in contact after the conference.
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