Practical Internet Marketing Tips – 8 Great Strategies For Success at Internet Marketing Seminars

You can learn a lot and meet many great people at Internet Marketing seminars. You just have to go in with a few strategies to get the most out of each and every seminar.

Bring a notebook – Kind of obvious I know, but here’s a tip on how to use your notebook. Looking at an open notebook, you can write your notes on each presentation on the right hand page and your notes about ideas, links to check out and actions to take on the left hand page. Keeping this separate makes it more likely for you to take action.

Business Cards – Another obvious one, but here is an interesting twist. For years now, instead of the same old business card that gets thrown in the trash later, I create either a large post card type card or an Audio CD of one of my teleseminars with a call to action on the sleeve. These are much more memorable and less likely to get thrown away.

Meet other attendees – Networking, networking, networking. This is what you want to remember and what you want to do. Life long friendships and business partnerships begin right here. Seek out new people. SIt in a different place each day. Have snacks and meals with new people. Even if it is out of your comfort zone. Ezpecially if it is out of your comfort zone.

Meet the speakers – Meet the speakers too. Tell them something you got and appreciated from their presentation. I’ve spoken at many conferences and love it when attendees come up to talk. Some speakers are stand-offish or leave right away. Don’t worry about them. Meet the other ones.

Pictures – Take pictures with your new friends and with the speakers. These make for great memories and you can use them in blog posts about your experience.

Expertise – Share some of your expertise with other attendees. This is one great way to get new customers. And there is a hidden benefit as well. When the meeting planners see you with a few folks standing around listening to you they just might invite you to speak at a future event.

What can I do for you/how can I help you – This is a great question to ask other attendees and even speakers. You may be surprised by the answers. You also position yourself as an expert ready to connect and serve, which really builds the know, like and trust factor.

At least one JV – Make it a goal to leave the conference with at least one Joint Venture set up with someone you met. Conferences are a great place to do this and sometimes I go to conferences for just this reason alone.

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