Practical Content Marketing Tips – How to Get Testimonials Before Your First Product is Even Ready

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jeff herring, traffic generation, online trafficQ: When creating my first product – what strategies can I use to overcome the fact that I have no testimonials?

A: I really like your question and the attitude behind it which says to me you are not going to let anything stop you.

And you should never let not having any testimonials yet stop you from creating your first or any other product.

Having said that, here are 2 strategies for getting testimonials before you launch your first product. Make sure you hang in there until the second strategy because it is really powerful.

Strategy 1: You can get friends, customers and people on your list to give you what are called “character testimonials” about your commitment, creativity, customer service, etc. While these are not the strongest of all testimonials and are not about the product, they are a good start.


Strategy 2: I really like this one and use it all the time. Give a sample of your product to five to seven people on your list and ask them to review it in exchange for a testimonial. If you do not have a list ask people you know and/or people you know who would fit nicely into your niche.

With this strategy you are spreading some good will and getting some beginning testimonials. You also want to ask your reviewers to give you feedback about what they like and don’t like and what else they would like to see in your product. Why not do a little market research while you are at it?

Bonus Tip: This holds true for these strategies and for each and every time you ask for testimonials. Make sure you ask each person to make the testimonial results based. Ask them to list the benefits they received from your product and services. It makes the testimonial much more powerful.

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