Practical Content Marketing – What is the Ideal Number of Articles to Have to Drive Lots of Traffic?

question mark 2Q: What is the ideal number of articles to have to drive unlimited waves of traffic?

A: More.

Now I know that sounds like a smart-aleck answer, but in many ways it really is a genuine answer. Here are two reasons why.

Why more is better

1. Whenever someone asks me “how many articles do I need to write to be successful?” I get a little worried. My concern is if I give the person a number they will write until they get to that number and then stop, waiting for a flood of traffic. So sometimes I have thought of making it a very high number, say 1,000, just to make sure they get enough to be successful. But then I worry that will appear too hard (it’s not) and they will not get started at all.

2. More really is better. Each and every one of your articles is an “international evergreen article agent” working for you 24/7, all over the world, forever, with out complaint or sick days. So why would you not want “more?”

Some real numbers

I got my first trickle of traffic at 25 articles back in 2005. Somewhere between 25 (where some people say “life begins”) and 250 the trickle became a flood. Now at over 1600 at the time of this writing I could not stop the traffic coming into my web sites, blogs, and opt-in pages if I wanted to, and I surely do not want to.

Some goals for beginners and beyond

So my advice is to set some consistent goals and craft your articles on a regular basis. Start with 10. Then shoot for 25, then 50, 75, 100 and so on. Each time you add another chunk of 25 articles you will see your traffic increase.

One of the many things I have found to be true about Article Marketing is the greater your number of articles, the greater all your other numbers will be. So if you want more traffic, more prospects, more subscribers, more customers and more profits, the answer is simple. Write more articles.

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