Practical Content Marketing Tips – Your Resource Box – 3 Things to Avoid & 3 Things You Gotta Do

If you want Content Marketing to work for you, then you have to craft a Resource Box that makes the reader want to click through to your web site or blog.

So here are three things to avoid and 3 things to always do in your Resource Box.

3 Things to Avoid

Thing 1 – Starting with information about you. This is like announcing to the reader “Attention: the article is now over and you can stop reading.” Not the outcome you want, is it?

Thing 2 – Asking the reader to subscribe to your newsletter. There was a time when you could do this, but now that every one in world has an internet newsletter, you almost have to create a sales letter to get them to opt-in to something free. If you insist on offering a newsletter, offer tons and tons of bonuses with it.

Thing 3 – Making it too long. The reader has already read through your entire article. Here you want to get to the point, and make it short and sweet.


3 Things You Must Do

Thing 1 – Make sure the article flows right into the Resource Box. Don’t write a conclusion and don’t put in a copyright notice. You want the reader’s eye to flow right from the article into the links as if it is a part of the article.

Thing 2 – Make sure your offer is closely related to the article the reader has just read. I know that sounds ridiculously obvious, but you should see some of the Resource Boxes I see.

Thing 3 – The best offers to give away are ones that are closely related or even a sample of a related product. Give them the a good sample taste of your expertise and they are much more likely to want the whole meal, perhaps even dessert too.

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