Practical Content Marketing Tips – What Solution Do You Provide? (And Yes, You Do Provide Solutions)

typing keyboardDo you know what solutions you provide when you write articles?

If you don’t know, you could be wasting your time.

Read on to discover how to identify the solutions your provide and how to communicate them to your prospects and ideal clients.

Identifying the solutions you provide

If you are in business, you provide a solution to a problem. If you do not provide a solution to a problem, you have a hobby, not a business.

Sometimes I will be asked, usually in a semi-whiny tone of voice  “Do I have to do this exercise about what solution I provide?” My answer is always the same “Only if you want to make lots of money.”

Think about it, every successful business provides a solution to a problem. A restaurant provides the solution for the “I don’t like to cook” problem. A car provides a solution for “the walking problem.” A bank provides the solution for the “hiding your money under the mattress or buried in the backyard in a peanut butter jar” problem.

Heck, even the guy selling compacted chunks of New York City trash is solving the “I want a piece of New York City and I like to spend my money on worthless junk” problem.

So what problem do you solve? Make a list of all the problems you solve. Keep adding to it. If you cannot think of one or many, ask those that know you and know your business.

For example, I used to think that the main problem that article marketing solved was content creation. It took my colleague Alex Mandossian to point out the obvious to me – that article marketing quickly and easily solves the traffic problem. (And many other problems online as well.)

See how this works?

Make your list of solutions you provide. Keep adding to the list of problems you solve. Make it an ever evolving and ever growing list and you will have a strong business in any economy.

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